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Rigid Boxes




Add a luxurious touch to your product packaging with our highly premium rigid cardboard boxes. Make your customer fall in love with the product through the high-end, yet sturdy and durable box.



Rigid Boxes



Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes

Custom needs?

We got custom solutions.

(We take care of your brand like its our own.

Get Full customization Options in size, material,

colour, design, & printing.)

Image by Jerry Yan


Collapsible Rigid Box

The collapsible box has a capability of laying flat and being converted into a box with high strength with magnetic flaps. A very good way to combat storage issues as well as minimizing the shipping costs, this box is slowly replacing the traditional rigid boxes.


2-Piece Rigid Box

A classic, elegant and mostly widely used, the 2-piece rigid box has two separate portions- top and bottom. Commonly used for sweet boxes as well as apparels, this box provides great strength along with a premium feel.


Slider Rigid Box

The sliding paper box is one of the high-class hard box packaging models, they consist of 2 parts: the outer shell and the inner body. Designed like a mobile desk drawer, the pull-out box is easy to open and close, neat and convenient, and often used in the gifted field.

Magnetic Rigid Box

The magnet box is a high-class packaging, the cost is often higher than other types of packaging such as carton boxes, or kraft boxes. However, the benefits of this premium box may make you consider:

Cuffed Rigid Box

A unique and a more advanced rendition of a basic 2-piece box, the cuffed box boasts of luxury through its unique structure and look. Used mostly in jewelry and other luxury products such as watches, this box will definitely stand out from any other box.



1.5mm White Kappa Board

Paper Type

Normal Paper: 170 GSM art paper

Special Paper: 120 GSM textured

Colour paper


Printed sheet wrapper: 170 GSM/120 GSM
Cardboard: 1.5mm thick white-back Kappa board


Colour options

CMYK + White

Printing process

Digital Printing, Offset Printing & Screen Printing

Recycled Content


Offset Printing

Quantity: 500 pieces

Colour: CMYK + White

Digital Printing

Quantity: 500 pieces

Colour: CMYK + White

Screen Printing

Quantity: 500 pieces

Colour: CMYK + White

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I order?
    To place your order you can go to "START A PROJECT" & fill in the details. Our representative will contact you shortly & will assist you personally to make your journey smooth.
  • What choices affect the price of my box?
    Well, a lot of factors affect the price of your box including but not limited to the quantity that order, the printing type, the material type and a lot more. You can go in product select the product you like then click "Get Quote" & fill the form to get the exact quotation.
  • Does ordering more boxes benefit me in term of the price?
    Absolutely! As the quantity increased, economies of scale come into place and we are able to offer you high quality offset printed boxes at a lesser per unit price.
  • Will I see a proof for my order?
    Yes, After we know your requirements & have finalised which printing we need , sheet we'll use etc. We'll share digital mockup of your box with you & production will only start after you have give us the green light.
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